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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


How can I find the company listing that I need?

The ABA Book Buyer's Handbook offers search for finding company listings:

  • Searching: Use the "Search" feature in the title bar of each page or select "Advanced Search" on the homepage or by clicking on the "Search" tab at the top or bottom of each page. The Advanced Search allows you to search based on Company Name, ISBN Prefix, Keyword(s), or Company Type, or any combination of these. You can search using a partial name or partial words by placing an asterisk (*) at the end of the information that you have. (e.g., Harper* will bring up all company names that include Harper, such as HarperCollins Publishers, HarperCollins (Australia), etc. Company names that include punctuation, such as S.C.B. Distributors, can be entered with the punctuation or with spaces in place of the punctuation (e.g., S C B Distributors).

Why do some listings have only limited information?

Incorporated into the Handbook are shortened listings for hundreds of companies. Some of these publishers have limited sales to bookstores or just a few books in print. Other companies did not supply sufficient or current information to compile a complete entry.

What are the general rules for understanding publishers' policies?

The following constraints should be understood to apply to all trade policies listed unless specifically stated otherwise within an individual listing:

(1) Discount Schedule: Discounts quoted cover the range of copies between the quantity next to the discount and the quantity directly below. For instance, for "5 copies, 40%; 10 copies, 41%," it may be assumed that 5 to 9 copies carry a 40% discount. The last discount shown will usually apply to the corresponding number of copies shown and beyond.

(2) Returns Policies: Read all Returns Policies to include: Only books purchased directly from that firm may be returned to that firm. Books must be in clean, salable condition with no stickers. All shipping charges must be prepaid. Where permission to return is required, the address given should be used to contact the publisher; it may or may not be the correct address for shipping returns.

(3) Credit Allowed: The percentage of credit allowed is based on the net price paid by the bookseller as indicated on the publisher's, wholesaler's, distributor's, etc., original invoice. Credit balances may be used for future purchases or may be refundable as indicated in the individual listings.

NOTE: Many publishers have exclusive distribution arrangements with other publishers, wholesalers, distributors, etc. Not all of these cases can be cross-referenced. Consult the websites of major publishers and small press distributors as possible sources for the titles of these publishers.

What is a hotlist?

The new Book Buyer's Handbook allows each bookstore to gather in one place links to company listings that store staff uses most frequently. The hotlist also provides immediate access to store notes attached to hot-listed companies. A store's hotlist may only be viewed by staff of that bookstore.

What is the purpose of the new notes function? If I add a note to a company listing, can booksellers at other stores read it?

The notes field was created to allow a bookstore to attach information to a company listing in the Handbook (for example, an account number or a rep name). Information in a store note can only be viewed by that bookstore's staff.

I'm a publisher, but I'm not listed in the Handbook. How can I have my listing added?

Submit publisher information for review for addition to the handbook via this form, and Handbook staff will review your information and create a listing based on the information that you provide. If we determine that we need further information to create a longer listing with discount, returns information, and more, we will contact you by email. Questions about this form should be addressed to [email protected].

I'm a bookseller, and I'm aware of terms or promotions that do not appear in the Handbook. How can I see that the listing gets updated?

Please use this form to send us information on updated terms or promotions that do not appear in our database, or call us at (914) 406-7500, ext. 7535.

How often is the Handbook updated?

ABA makes every effort to keep the publishers' listings as current as possible and updates the database on an ongoing basis. However, there may be a delay of several days between our receipt of new terms and their actual appearance in the online listings. When in doubt, always contact the publisher directly.